Day-Trip to South Manitou

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South Manitou Island Shoreline by Aubrieta V Hope

Day-trips to the island give you the chance to explore and experience South Manitou’s great beauty and history. No food service is available on the island, so please pack a picnic lunch. There is a bar with packaged snacks and drinks on board.  When visiting South Manitou for the day, you will need a National Park Pass for an entrance fee into the National Park. The minimum pass available is $15.00, and is good for a week at the mainland Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park as well. Annual passes are also available for $30.00.  These passes are only accepted at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.  These are different then the State Park pass, which is on your license plate.



Giant Cedar Trees

Tucked away on the southwest corner of South Manitou Island is a grove of virgin White Cedar trees, considered the largest and oldest in North America. One of the fallen trees showed 528 growth rings dating its existence back to before Columbus. These trees are over twice as large as the average White Cedar. The trail loops through this area, so you 228850_10150338753302059_1422391_ncan get a good appreciation for the size and number of these trees. It is a mystical walk. Some say that these trees were spared because their bark is infused with wind-blown sand, and the lumberman didn’t want to have continually resharpen their saws, which they had to do by hand. This hike is about 0.5 miles beyond the turn-off to the Shipwreck of the Francisco Morazan. It is also on the wagon tour route.




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